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Pelletpress for the production of cylindrc pellets in different sizes - Aktionsangebote.de - Askor GmbH
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Pelletpresse 220V/2.2kW E-Motor
Pelletpresse 220V/2.2kW E-Motor

The pelletpress with 2.2kW and a conventional circuit voltage of 22V is the ideal beginner's model for the pelletizing of animal feed or saw dust and shavings. Driven by an e-motor you can press your material easily.

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Pelletpresses can be perfectly used to produce different big cylindric rods, such as wood or feed pellets. Raw material used as base are paper, wood shavings, hay, cereal, or straw. The shelf life or durability and field of application of the used material are decisively extended and enlarged. By using this economical method you can produce biologic fossil fuels out of regrowing ressources. A pellet press is ideal for the use in private or industrial heaters and furnaces. In the field of feed production for small and economically useful animals, feed coordinated to your needs can be produced. Size, composition and quality of the pellets are determined by you!