Disinfection stand disinfection dispenser 1000ml hygiene station 143 cm with automatic sensor


High quality disinfectant dispenser made of stainless steel, ideally suited for medical practices, public institutions, companies and many more.

The mobile hygiene station is ideal for rooms where wall mounting is not possible. The dispenser has a refillable 700 ml tank. The liquid can be easily applied to the hands thanks to the automatic sensor. A drip guard prevents liquids from spilling on the floor.

Thanks to the steel base, the dispenser stands securely and can be flexibly placed at its place of use. A rubberized scratch protection on the underside of the base protects your floor covering from damage.

You have the option of switching the automatic dispenser off and on. The delivery of the liquid can be regulated in 2 stages. This can be configured directly on the device by pressing a button. The batteries are not included in the scope of delivery


164,99 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs