Studio flash set "Galaxy"

Studio flash set "Galaxy"

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Studio flash set "Galaxy"
Studio flash set "Galaxy"
Studio flash set "Galaxy"
Studio flash set "Galaxy"
Studio flash set "Galaxy"
Studio flash set "Galaxy"
Studio flash set "Galaxy"

Product Type:
Material casing:
Material tripod:
Height of tripod: 81,5 - 200 cm
Weight of tripod: 1 kg
Back light of tripod weight: 0,5 kg
Height of tripod back light: 41 - 107 cm
Delivery contents:
Tripod with suspension (small)
Tripod with suspension (medium)
Collapsible box 40x60 cm
Coulour filters with flapping shades
Radio shutter release
Bag for flash unit
Studio flash unit
E27 thread
Performance: 180 W
Flash- and light power adjustable
Single chip microprocessor
Digital display
Plug-in flash tube
Release, slave sensor, sync cable or test button
Temperature sensor with overheat warning
Built-in photocell sensor
Tripod suspension
Colour temperature 5600K
40 shades of brightness
Sorting code (ISO 100): 40
Technical data:
Modelling lamp: 75 W
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Recharge time: 0,3 ~ 2,3 se
Flash duration: 1/1500~1/600 sec

Ideal for photo studios at home or at the workplace!

The new flash device set „Galaxy“ convenes with the current state-of-the-art and was developped especially for photo studios.
The 180 W flash device is extremely robust, small and easy to operate. The flashing and lighting performance is gradually adjustable at will.
Due to short recharging time and the integrated digital display working is made easier and time can be saved.
The flash light of the camera can be synchronised with the one of the flash device via a cable.

The delivery also includes foldable soft boxes that, thanks to the special reflecting surface on the inside, provide an especially soft and steady illumination.
The usage of colour filters allows various colour combinations and creative effects.

Three tripods that each can carry a weight of 2.5 kg, are included in the studio set. Two of the tripods can be pulled out up to 2 m, one up to 1.07 m.
The total photo equipment can be stowed in a practical bag, which makes it easily transportable.

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